Mobile FAQ

1. What is Telemundo 49's iPhone app?

Telemundo 49's app connects you to the top local stories, the latest breaking news, real-time weather, traffic and everything else you need to know about your city.

2. How do I download it?

  • From your iPhone, open the App Store, search for Telemundo 49 or WRMD and select the free $channelName app from the search results
  • From your computer, copy and paste the following URL: into your browser and open the Telemundo 49 app page on the Apple website. From there, you can follow the directions on how to download the app to your iTunes account

3. What features does it have?

  • Complete news and video coverage for the entire tri-state area
  • Up-to-the-minute weather information, including forecasts, maps and radar images, severe weather alerts, and school closings
  • Breaking news alerts
  • Sharing articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and text message

4. Does it cost anything?

The Telemundo 49 app is free ( Standard carrier rates apply)

5. What devices does it work on?

  • iPhone 3 / 3G and iPhone 4 / 4S devices
  • The app also will work on iPads. However for the best usage experience, we recommend using it on your iPhone.

6. How do I update and sync content?

The app will automatically update whenever it's started

You also can update any list of articles or videos, simply by scrolling to the top of the article or video list and "pulling" down on the list, which will display messaging to "release" in order to have the app check for updates

7. How do I change my weather settings?

Tap on the Weather icon in the navigation at the bottom of the app -> Select "Choose Location" -> Type in a zip code or city -> Weather main screen appears with new location displayed

8. How do I submit a weather photo or video?

Weather Main page -> Tap "Submit Weather Story" -> Select "Choose a photo or video" -> Select a photo or video to submit OR -> Select "Take a photo or video"-> iPhone camera will activate

9. How do I know if I have the old app or the new app?

Under More -> Settings within the app, select About. If the version number of the app is 2.0 or above, you have the new app

10. I had the old Telemundo 49 app, how do I get the new one?

You will receive an update notification via the Apple Store and you can updated via the App Store Updates section

11. How do I configure Twitter to work with the app?

Configuring Twitter to work with the app depends on the version of iOS that is installed on your iPhone:

  • For iOS 4 : Tap on the NBC app to launch it -> You will see "Top Stories." Tap on the "More" button at the bottom -> On the "More" category, scroll down to the bottom. -> Tap on the "Settings" button at the bottom of the list in "More" -> In the "Settings" screen tap on "Twitter" -> Tap on the Twitter client you installed on the device until you see a check next to it
  • For iOS 5: Go to "Settings" -> Twitter settings -> Enter @username and password -> Select NBC apps you wish to have access to Twitter

12. How do I share articles on e-mail, Facebook or Twitter?

When viewing an article, the app footer will have a share icon that looks like this: iPhone icon -> Tap this icon and a list of sharing options will appear, including e-mail, Facebook, text message and Twitter.

13. Can I use the app while traveling?

Yes, however the app content is specific to the city it relates to (e.g. Tampa) and, as always, sms rates apply when using the app features

14. What settings can I change?

You can change the weather location and turn on / off breaking news and severe weather alerts

15. What is the privacy policy?

Link to privacy policy:

16. What if I have feedback or questions?

Any feedback or questions can be submitted to: